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Pofahl Studios was founded in 1956 to provide quality dance instruction for the dance student from beginner through professional.


During its long history the School has proven to be a training ground for thousands of students.  The focus of the School is to teach each student poise, coordination, self-discipline and to instill in them the love of dance.  For those who wish to pursue an academic or professional career, a complete training program is offered as well.


Pofahl Studios strives to provide individuals an opportunity to achieve their full dance potential.  We endeavor to share our joy of dance, while fostering a welcoming environment that celebrates and embraces many forms of diversity; providing a healthy environment where the individual is respected regardless of talent or academic achievement.


Pofahl Studios is the Official School of Dance Alive National Ballet



The Next Generation is the student company of Pofahl Studios and Dance Alive National Ballet.

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