Below, find the June 6th rehearsal schedule. 

Your child should arrive at the Phillips Center 30 minutes before their rehearsal time. 

For what to do next ... click recital above!

Looking at the schedule, you will find:

  • the dance #

  • the time scheduled for the rehearsal

  • the dance name - if you don't know your child's dance name - their usual class time and teacher name!












  • May 20th:  Tickets open to the general public.

  • June 6th: Rehearsal starting at 12:30 ( see above) and recital 6 PM

  • June 7th:  Recital 6 PM

  • June 8th thru 12th:  Summer Ballet Intensive (see classes)

  • June 12th:  Master Classes (see classes)

  • June 14 - July 17:  Summer Workshop  Pre-ballet thru advanced.  (see classes)

  • July 19-30th:  Summer Intensive for ballet IV through advanced.  (see classes)

  • August 9th:  FALL CLASSES BEGIN

  • August 14th:  NUTCRACKER, Next Generation & DANB auditions.

See recital page for recital updates!

COVID PROTOCOL:  Following CDC and county directives:

All Covid protocol is expected to be followed by dancers.  In addition:

  • · Faculty wear masks and use hand sanitizer between each class.

  • · Barres, door, etc. are disinfected following every class.

  • · Bathrooms are limited and are disinfected every day.

  • · Special filters have been installed in AC units per medical advice.

  • · Hand sanitizers are available in all rooms.

  • · Social distancing is practiced in classrooms.

  • · A no-contact bottle filler has been added.

  • · Additional benches have been added for outdoor seating.

  • · Handrails are provided the stairs at the north studio back exit

  • Everyone entering the studio (including the lobby) MUST wear a mask.

  • Please arrive no sooner than 5 minutes before your class begins.

  • Wait outside, staying 6’ apart from your classmates.

  • Only dancers will be allowed in the studio. Parents of 3, 4, 5 year olds may walk them in, but then must leave.

  • Once class has begun, a parent may enter to get office help, but must then wait outside for their dancer.

  • Dressing rooms are closed, so dancers should arrive wearing their appropriate dancewear.

  • A staff member will invite dancers in to sanitize hands and welcome them into the appropriate classroom.

  • Dancers will have assigned places under the barre for their bags and bottled water.

  •  It is important that students wear their masks, if at all possible, while dancing.

  • At the conclusion of the class, students should again put on their mask.

  • Depending upon the weather, students will exit the classroom through the appropriate back door and meet parents at the concrete benches at the rear of the building.

  • A staff member will monitor exits of younger dancers, but we request you arrive no later than 5 minutes after the scheduled conclusion of the class.


rehearsal schedule.jpg