Pofahl Studios was founded in 1956 to provide quality dance instruction for the dance student from beginner through professional.


During its long history the School has proven to be a training ground for thousands of students.  The focus of the School is to teach each student poise, coordination, self-discipline and to instill in them the love of dance.  For those who wish to pursue an academic or professional career, a complete training program is offered as well.


Pofahl Studios strives to provide individuals an opportunity to achieve their full dance potential.  We endeavor to share our joy of dance, while fostering a welcoming environment that celebrates and embraces many forms of diversity; providing a healthy environment where the individual is respected regardless of talent or academic achievement.


Pofahl Studios is the Official School of  - Dance Alive National Ballet

The Next Generation is the student company of Pofahl Studios            and Dance Alive National Ballet.


We respect everyone’s opinion.  However we have many students under the age of 12 and want to keep them as safe as possible.

Therefore, vaccinated or not vaccinated, we request that you wear a mask when entering the building.

We request that everyone entering the building make use of the hand sanitizer provided.   If you forget your mask, one has been provided.

All faculty and staff are vaccinated.  Faculty, staff and assistants & demonstrators will wear masks at all times.

  • Parents:

    • Please arrive no sooner than 5 minutes before your child’s class.

    • Parents of younger children may walk them in, but must then leave.

    • Once class has begun, a parent may enter to get office help, but must then wait outside for their dancer.

    • Dressing rooms are closed, so dancers should arrive wearing their appropriate dancewear if possible.

    • Depending upon the weather, students will exit the classroom through the appropriate back door and meet you at the concrete benches at the rear of the building.    A staff member will monitor exits of younger dancers, but we request you arrive no later than 5 minutes after the scheduled conclusion of the class.

  • Dancers:

    • Regardless of your being vaccinated or not, we urge you to wear your mask during class.   You may remove your mask while dancing if necessary.   We respect that you may not be able to wear a mask due to underlying conditions.

    • Plan on putting your “things” under the barre where you are working.

    • Try to avoid using the dressing rooms if at all possible.  DO NOT plan on using them as a social meeting area.

ACTIONS TAKEN BY POFAHL STUDIOS – in addition to above:

  • A no-contact bottle filler has been added.

  • Additional benches were added to provide outdoor seating.

  • Handrails are provided the stairs at the north studio back exit.

  • Bathrooms are disinfected daily.

  • Special air sanitizers have been installed in AC handlers.

  • Hand sanitizers are available in all rooms.


  • DO get in the habit of checking the bulletin boards and website for information and rehearsal schedules.

  • DO NOT call or ask Mr. Tim about rehearsals.    He does not know.

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