Brava and Bravo to Mia Christie and Stirling Kolb  ... and Bailey Thomas and Kellyn Patton.

Mia was awarded 1st place in the pre-professional division in a competition in NY with over 600 competitors.  Stirling auditioned for and was awarded a full scholarship to Harid Conservatory. BaileyThomas was accepted at Joffrey Ballet and Kellyn Patton at Orlando Ballet.   MORE TO COME!

The studio has posted its summer schedule and will have 3 weeks of intensive training available with 6 amazing master teachers.

Register soon!!!!!!!!

See schedules.

Exciting News for Pofahl teacher Morgan Middleby!

Ms Middleby will be getting married and be gone April 6- 23.  She is sending video of her recital dances to her students.  Rachel Ridley, who has been a student and then teacher for Pofahl's as well as a professional for DANB and director for Next Generation will be taking her classes while Ms. Middleby is on leave.  Ms. Ridley is also a practicing speech therapist.

Opportunities!   Students from the school are often selected for performances at home and on tour.  Below, ROBIN HOOD performed in Gainesville, Ocala and Ft. Lauderdale.  To the right, dancers backstage in Ft. Lauderdale getting ready for a performance of LADY BUG.