Some highlights from 2018 recital!

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Recital 2020

Alice ....Through The Looking  Glass -  currently scheduled for May 31.   If we need to reschedule, we will let you know ASAP.

Graduating seniors Juliana Greer as the Red Queen, Emilia Leon as Alice and Morgan Scott as Tick Tock.

WHAT: Pofahl Studios, Resident School of Dance Alive National Ballet will celebrate its 64th  annual recital, 

When:   at 6:00 PM

Where: Curtis M. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts

Tickets: Available at or Phillips Center Box Office.





RECITAL:     at the Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.

REHEARSAL: Check the bulletin board.  



  • Make sure your dancer gets to class.  All of the teachers are working with your dancer on recital dances. Missing a class puts your dancer at a disadvantage.

  • Make sure your dancer practices (even if only verbally) their dance. Your dancer has an obligation to his/her classmates to know what they have been taught.

  • Intermediate and advanced dancers who miss a class should learn the missed material BEFORE they come back to class.

  • Find out from your dancer or their teacher what shoes are needed and order them NOW!  Order new pointe shoes NOW!

  • Set aside a good pair of pink tights for your ballet dancer.  (one or two for older dancers.)

  • Find out if your dancer needs anything special for their dance. (Shoes, tights, socks, etc.)

  • Block out Saturday, June 1st for pictures.

  • Start checking the bulletin boards after April 15th for recital notes such as picture and t-shirt sign up information, sponsor lists, and time of rehearsal information.


  • Ask your dancer's teacher if she needs any help during the recital.

  • Plan on having a GREAT TIME!


RECITAL FEE & TICKETS: PAYABLE MAY 15th - A $100 Recital Fee was applied to your family tuition. (An additional $20 for each child.) That fee is applied to every family that participates in the recital.  Families whose accounts are current (tuition paid through May, costume and recital fees paid) may pick up tickets and T-shirt from the office beginning May 15th.   The recital fee also provides for a commemorative program AND a DVD.  



Tuition MUST be current for a student to perform in the recital. Families whose accounts are current may pick up their tickets May 1st through May30th at the Studio.


MAY 1st DEADLINE:   You need to have signed up for Johnston photos.


T-SHIRTS: Dad’s T-shirts should be placed by May 5th. Cost $20.    Payable to Pofahl.


PROGRAM AD:  DUE MAY 11TH.  Payment and contact information needs to be received by May 11th to guarantee a spot.  Copy and photos must be emailed by May 11th in order to achieve print deadlines.



FLOWERS/BOUQUETS: DEADLINE MAY 20TH. You may purchase roses for your dancer at $15.  Pre-order through forms in office.   Payable to Pofahl Studios.


JOHNSTON PHOTOS: Saturday,  from 10:30 to 12:30 and from 1:30 to 4:30 at 1915 NW 13 Street. Sign up sheets are located in the lobby. Don’t forget tights, shoes, hair and make-up when you get ready for your pictures!   Price sheet will be posted at the studio.  Payment made to Johnston Photography.


FLASH PHOTOS ARE NOT ALLOWED DURING PERFORMANCE OR REHEARSAL. THEY ARE DANGEROUS FOR THE DANCERS—YOUR CHILDREN. You may take photos that do not require flash—just remember to once again be courteous to fellow audience members.



SPONSORS & BACKSTAGE: IF YOU ARE NOT A SPONSOR OR STAFF WITH A NAME TAG—YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED BACKSTAGE.  Kelly Christie and Kelly Gurka are in charge of the balcony.  Their word goes! 


• The only adults allowed backstage or in the upper balcony with students are sponsors, staff and runners wearing special name tags. This is for the safety of your dancer.


• All teachers will be looking for two adult sponsors. Sponsors make sure dancers arrive on stage on time, help with costume changes, and take care of minor problems. Sponsors do not need tickets. They DO need to plan on being at rehearsal from 12:15 until the last child has been picked up and at the performance from 5:30 until the last child has been collected. In addition to earning our deepest gratitude, sponsors go backstage with the dancers and are able to see everything up close. See your child’s teacher for more information.


BEFORE RECITAL: If you dancer is in more than one dance, please put additional costumes in BROWN PAPER BAGS (NOT dress bags or hangers or plastic bags) with the dancer’s name AND DANCE # on it.  The bag should include shoes, tights, headpiece, hairpins, etc.  DO bring a bag for your first costume – again marked with name and #.  ALL items (shoes, costume, etc.) should be labeled with the child’s name in magic marker.  If your dancer has more than one dance or a quick change, take that costume to Girl Scouts in the lobby.  They will see that it gets to the appropriate place


HAIR & MAKE-UP: Contact your child’s teacher about hair, make-up, tights, shoes, etc. Because we will be using the full stage lighting at the Phillips Center, your child will need some make-up.




Posted in the lobby.  Either June 1st or June 2nd. At the Phillips Center.     Dancers wait in the balcony.


  1. You should bring your dancer IN THEIR FIRST COSTUME 1/2 hour before they are scheduled to perform to the foot of the stairs in the lobby. (Each dance lasts approximately 3 minutes, so you can easily figure when you need to have your dancer at the rehearsal. Check the program order posted in the lobby.)

  2. If your dancer is in only one dance — Enter the lobby and take your dancer to the stairs. Turn them over to one of our runners. You will not be allowed in the balcony. DON’T ASK! We need to control any access to the balcony and your child. The runners will take your child to the class sponsors. The sponsors will make sure the class gets to the stage and back to the balcony. They will assure that anyone who needs to gets to the bathroom.

  3. If your dancer is in more than one dance — Same as above!

  4. PARENTS MAY WATCH QUIETLY FROM THE LOWER HOUSE … OR YOU CAN LEAVE IF YOU’D LIKE. If you leave, the sponsor will seat your dancer back in the balcony. Just ask one of the runners to collect your dancer for you when you return.

  5. Your dancer may leave after they have rehearsed their last dance. You may collect your dancer from a runner following their rehearsal at the bottom of the stairs in the lobby.





Sunday, June 2nd at 6:00 PM  Phillips Center

• Follow the same procedure with your child as above.


• NO dancers are allowed downstairs in the audience while in costume.


• ALL dancers are to remain upstairs with their class.


ALL DANCERS AND CLASSES ARE IN THE FINALE AT THE END OF THE RECITAL The class sponsors will get the dancers on stage for the finale.


PARENTS OF YOUNGER DANCERS:    We have tried to place your child in the first half of the recital. If you need to leave early, do so at Intermission.  DO NOT ASK FOR YOUR CHILD EARLIER.


The dancers are your children. Seeing people leave while they are dancing is hurtful.



Linda Rocha, Elaine Deiorio and Autumn Stanton will be in charge of the lobby.


• The balcony will be supervised at all times by Kelly Christie and Kelly Gurka.


. Runners report only to Ms. Deiorio, Rocha, Stanton, Christie and Gurka and to the key parents in the balcony.


• The faculty will be backstage working with the children.


• Runners will assist with getting students to and from the balcony.


1325 NW 2nd Street Gainesville, FL  32601                            Phone/Fax: (352) 373-1166

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