Some highlights from 2018 recital!

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Recital 2020

Alice ....Through The Looking  Glass   

Sunday, July 26th @ the Phillips Center.

We will film classes and then stream the recital - providing a DVD as well.

We are working out the protocols with the Phillips Center and provide a schedule that provides with social distancing.

Stay tuned for more information!

Graduating seniors Juliana Greer as the Red Queen, Emilia Leon as Alice and Morgan Scott as Tick Tock.

WHAT: Pofahl Studios, Resident School of Dance Alive National Ballet will celebrate its 64th  annual recital, 

When:  July 26th

Where: Phillips Center

Time: TBA, but specific to each class.  Check the bulletin board.




  • Make sure your dancer gets to class.  All of the teachers are working with your dancer on recital dances. Missing a class puts your dancer at a disadvantage.

  • Make sure your dancer practices (even if only verbally) their dance. Your dancer has an obligation to his/her classmates to know what they have been taught.

  • Intermediate and advanced dancers who miss a class should learn the missed material BEFORE they come back to class.

  • Find out from your dancer or their teacher what shoes are needed and order them NOW!  Order new pointe shoes NOW!

  • Set aside a good pair of pink tights for your ballet dancer.  (one or two for older dancers.)

  • Find out if your dancer needs anything special for their dance. (Shoes, tights, socks, etc.)

  • Start checking the bulletin boards for recital notes such as picture sign up information, sponsor lists, and time of performance information.


  • Ask your dancer's teacher if she needs any help during the recital.

  • Plan on having a GREAT TIME!


RECITAL FEE:  - A $100 Recital Fee was applied to your family tuition. (An additional $20 for each child.) That fee is applied to every family that participates in the recital.  Families whose accounts are current (tuition paid through July & costume and recital fees paid) may pick up T-shirts from the office and commemorative program from the office.  Recital DVD will be available in August. 



Tuition MUST be current for a student to perform in the recital. 

Johnston Photos will be July 23 from 1:30 to 3:30.    Call Johnston @ 372-2512 to make a reservation.


HAIR & MAKE-UP: Contact your child’s teacher about hair, make-up, tights, shoes, etc. Because we will be using the full stage lighting at the Phillips Center, your child will need some make-up. 


SPONSORS & BACKSTAGE: The Phillips Center is limiting numbers of people in the facility.    ONLY ASSIGNED SPONSORS WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING. 

BEFORE RECITAL: If you dancer is in more than one dance, please put additional costumes in BROWN PAPER BAGS (NOT dress bags or hangers or plastic bags) with the dancer’s name AND DANCE # on it.  The bag should include shoes, tights, headpiece, hairpins, etc.  DO bring a bag for your first costume – again marked with name and #.  ALL items (shoes, costume, etc.) should be labeled with the child’s name in magic marker.  If your dancer has more than one dance or a quick change, they will have an assigned adult take that costume to the appropriate place



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