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Pre-Ballet: Pre-ballet for the 3, 4, and 5 year old.  Students must be 3 by September.  Basic ballet technology and modified ballet technique, taking into consideration attention span and development stages of the younger student.  Classes are one hour long.

Classical Ballet: For the 6 year old through adult.  Beginning ballet through professional classes.  Pointe work for female students who have sufficient skill, technique, and desire, as determined by the faculty.  Pointe students are required to take a minimum of two ballet classes per week.



Partnering Class: Hour long class for advanced students.  By invitation.

  • Tap and Jazz: Combination classes for children age 6 to 11.  1/2 hour each of tap and jazz.

  • Tap: Hour long classes for youth, teens, and advanced students ages 8 and up.


Jazz and Hip-Hop: Hour long classes for youth, teens, and advanced students ages 8 and up.


IContemporary: Hour long classes for beginning to advanced students.

Acrobatics:  Hour long classes for beginning and intermediate students.  Age 6 and up.



  • Pre-ballet: Hair up and confined.  Pastel blue leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes.  NO skirts
  • Ballet: Hair up and confined.  Pink tights, ballet shoes. No warmers or plastic pants.
    • Beginning Ballet through Ballet V: Black leotard.  No skirts
    • Pointe I/II: Pastel leotard with or without sheer ballet skirts on pointe day.  No skirt on flat day.  Pink shoes and tights or skin toned tights and shoes.
    • Pointe III-VI: Pastel leotard on pointe day, dark leotard on "ballet" day.  Skirts allowed on pointe day.  Pink shoes and tights or skin toned tights and shoes.
  • Jazz: Hair confined.  Tan jazz shoes.  Any color leotard, unitard, or other appropriate dancewear.  Black jazz pants, leggings, dance shorts or bicycle pants.  DANCEWEAR, not casual wear.
  • Tap: Under 12 wear standard flat tan tap shoes with single (not jingle) taps.  Intermediate IV and above should have both tan heeled tap shoes and black flat shoes with tele-tone taps.  Dance wear as above in jazz.
  • Hip-Hop: Aerobic/jazz sneakers.
  • Contemporary:  All black dancewear.   Barefeet.
  • Partnering:   No jewelry.   Hair secured in a bun.  Pink tights and pointe shoes or skin toned tights and pointe shoes. . Leotard with no skirt or loose section to catch fingers or thumbs.
  • Acrobatics:  Leotard with or without dance shorts.  No jewelry.  Hair up.
  • Ballet: Black tights, bike pants, or unitard with white T-shirt, white socks, and black ballet shoes.
  • Jazz: Jazz pants, bike pants, or unitard with T-shirt.  Black jazz shoes.      
  • Tap: Same as jazz, but flat black tap shoes.
  • Hip-Hop: Aerobic/jazz sneakers.    
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