Thinking about taking adult classes?
Get off the bench and DO IT!



  • Monday 6:15-7:30   Int. Adult Ballet    Amancio

  • Wednesday 5:15-6:30   Int. Adult Ballet Teixeira

  • Wednesday 6:30-7:45  Beg. Adult Ballet   Dominguez


With permission of the instructor:

  • Advanced tap Wednesday 3:00

  • Advanced jazz  Monday 4:00

  • Advanced ballet   Tuesday 5:00, Thursday 5:15

  • Advanced contemporary  Tuesday 4:00



Ballet:  Leotard, tights, ballet shoes.   Skirts/warmers optional.

Jazz:  Leotards, unitards, jazz pants.  Sweats/warmers optional.  Jazz shoes required.  Towel for floor work.

Contemporary: Leotard and tights.  Bare feet.  Towel for floor work.

Tap:  Tap shoes required.

ADULT CLASS CARD RATES as of August 1st:

Class cards can be used for any adult class and there is no expiration date.

  • Single class $20

  • 5 class card   $70

  • 10 class card  $130

  • 20 class card  $180