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Student Performing Company of Pofahl Studios


 Rachel Ridley   Tales Ribeiro

The Mission of the Next Generation is to enrich the lives of youth and teens by providing them with supplemental choreography and instruction.  Provide them the opportunity to perform in a variety of settings - growing in them a love for dance.  Provide students the opportunity to create work and see that work  performed.  To provide the opportunity to explore the  infinite possibilities of human expression….thus enhancing and  supporting the arts.


Director Rachel Ridley                                                                          Director Tales Ribeiro

THE NEXT GENERATION is the School’s student performing group.  Ranging in age from 8 to 18, the group performs a wide range of dance forms including classical and contemporary ballet, hip-hop, classical jazz and musical theatre dance choreographed by Pofahl faculty, DANB members and guest artists from all over the world.   The group performs at Downtown Festival, Spring Arts Festival, Grove Street events and for other social service agencies. 
The group presents two productions – Fall Showcase and Mother's Day Concert
as well as performances at senior facilities, nursing homes and schools.


  • Auditions for THE NEXT GENERATION are held every August or September. Generally speaking, only students with a minimum of two years of dance training should audition.

  • The NEXT GENERATION is only open to students of Pofahl Studios. Members of NEXT GENERATION may not perform with any other organized dance group. (This does not mean church, Girl Scout, school groups, etc.)

  • THE NEXT GENERATION has an established repertoire. New members are taught the repertoire in September and October. Casting is determined by the director.

  • With a few exceptions, costumes are provided. Dancers are expected to keep the costumes they are using in good condition and return them CLEANED when finished.


  • Families pay a $200 fee for their dancer to participate.

  • Dancers are expected to sell a minimum of 8 tickets to both Fall Showcase and Mother's Day Concert.


Dancers will average over 128 hours of instruction and another 20 hours of performance time.

These can count as service hours.  Participants are expected to maintain a record of their own hours.



  • The directors determine when and who dances.

  • Dancers who do not attend classes the week of a performance or who do not attend the final rehearsal before a performance MAY NOT dance.

  • Dancers need to arrive 30 minutes before each performance in their first costume.

  • Dancers not prepared for performance (hair, make-up, costume, shoes, hats, etc.) will not be allowed to perform.

  • When at performance, dancers are expected to represent the studio and their family by exhibiting “company manners”.

  • Dancers need to arrive 15 minutes before rehearsal so that they can be properly warmed up.

  • Dancers arriving more than 10 minutes late or without proper dancewear and shoes, may not dance.

  • Hair must be up, ballet apparel for ballet dances, etc.

  • No food, gum or drinks other than water are allowed.

  • Dancers must clean up after themselves. Hair pins, water bottles, brushes, hairnets, etc. picked up.



• Are generally posted each week by Tuesday for the coming Saturday.

• Dancers and parents should check THE NEXT GENERATION bulletin board email for schedules.

• Schedules and performances will also be sent out via email.

• Schedules and performances are also listed in THE NEXT GENERATION section of


• Parents who are unable to refrain from directing their children during a rehearsal will be asked to leave.

• Every effort is made to keep to the posted schedule.

• Dancers need to arrive ON TIME and be warmed up.

• Proper dancewear is required with hair up for rehearsals.

• NO shorts are allowed.

• ALWAYS bring all of your dance shoes.

• If bringing food - IT MUST BE KEPT OUTSIDE.

• Generally, older dancers teach younger dancers their parts.

• Dancers may learn any of the works performed.

• Casting in a part is totally up to the Director.

• Once a dancer thoroughly knows a part, they will be cast.


Once you have signed up to perform, you are committed.

It isn't fair to fellow dancers to drop out at the last moment, nor is it fair to the Director who is planning a program

based on your answer. It’s OK to say maybe!




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