FALL CONCERT    November 14th


   Note rehearsal will be on Saturday when there are no Nutcracker rehearsals.
If we need Sunday rehearsals, we will notify you.

We are also using Tuesday and Thursday evenings following

advanced ballet classes.

Schedules will be emailed and posted the Monday of each week.

Reserve November 14th for Fall Concert.

Check Next Gen FB page for photos by Rachel Ridley of Mother's Day Concert.     They are in albums.

Casting as of 8/20.   May change as needed. 

Les Sylphides:   Stirling Kolb, Allie Schofield, Allison Tucker and Julia Ambrosia with Pollina Nikonova, Kellyn Patton, Madison Gaston, Irma Impink, Madeleine Gurka, Penny Dobbins, Astrid Scales, Lea Sanchez.   Understudy:  Eleanor Gurka, Chloe Cowell

Psalm 150: Julia Ambrosia, Penny Dobbins, Lily Eyman, Anna Gleim, Madeleine Gurka, Irma Impink, Stirling Kolb, Gabby Luna, Vic Mancuso, Polina Nikonova, Kellyn Patton, Astrid Scales, Allie Schofield, Allison Tucker.   Understudy:  Jay Farberow, Eleanor Gurka

Tarantella:  Ellie Aponick, Chloe Cowell, Leo Cuevas, Io Cushman, Jay Farberow, Eleanor Gurka, Gabby Luna, Bryana Robinson, Lea Sanchez, Bailey Thomas, Esther Thompson, Mia Winter.   Understudy: Penny Dobbins

A Little Latin:  Ellie Aponick, Io Cushman, Bryana Robinson, Bailey Thomas, Esther Thompson, Mia Winter.   Understudy: Lahna Sanchez

Moonlight:  Allison Tucker and Vic Mancuso

Don Q:   Anna Gleim and Roberto Vega

Tap Solo:  Lily Eyman

More to come!