2019-2020 Members

Senior Company

Mia Christie     Anna Gleim    Sara Gleim    Tucker  Gokey

Juliana Greer     Stirling Kolb   Emilia Leon   Marianna Mancuso  

 Allie Schofield    Victor Mancuso       Nina Zhang 


Intermediate Company

Lily Eyman         Madeleine Gurka        Gabrielle Luna     Polina Nikonova  

 Hailey Oswalt    Kellyn Patton        Astrid Scales    Lucy Stanton     Tibby Stanton


Junior Company

Penny Dobbins   Eleanor Gurka     

Lea Sanchez      Tibby Stanton    Lily Wimset  


  • Treat each other, and their parents, with respect.

  • Refrain from talking about other studios or dancers performances in a negative way. It just isn't professional or appropriate.

  • Help fellow performers when possible.

  • Clean up after themselves at rehearsals and performances.  It isn't your mom's job.

  • Arrive in your first costume at the designated time and place - Usually 1/2 hour before a performance.

  • ALWAYS check your costumes and accessories (shoes, tights, leotard, hats, etc.) the day before a performance. If your costume needs mending - do it.

  • Performance hair and make -up is required for performance. GEL IS A MUST! (No wispies please.) Elastic on hats is a must. You must wear lipstick. You are a role model for the next NEXT GENERATION. Younger dancers are going to be following you. Make sure you are a good model.


ALL NEXT GENERATION dancers need to invest in the following:

1. Hair gel, nets and pins

2. Make-up/hair case

3. Several pair of performance tights.

4. A tan leotard that can go under every costume for quick changes.

5. CLEAN ballet shoes with elastic STITCHED properly - not tied.

6. A Next Generation t-shirt


  • Family membership $200 to pay for costumes, venues, etc.   No charge for studio space or instruction, choreography or rehearsal time.

  • Responsible for selling 10 tickets to Fall Showcase and 10 tickets to Spring Concert.

1325 NW 2nd Street Gainesville, FL  32601                            Phone/Fax: (352) 373-1166

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